The Ninth Circle

Orlando's Leather Community

Built On Integrity and the Inclusive 
Welcoming of all Persons of leather

Now Open In Our New Larger Location

955 W. Taft Vineland Road, Orlando, Fl. 32824

We are a membership community for Education and Socialization within the Leather and Fetish lifestyle

And on the 7th day, We rest. 
The Ninth Circle is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

HOWEVER, on the first Sunday of each month the Master will be hosting a potluck FULL Protocol Supper in the dungeon.  Membership is required. Dominants should make an invitation request in the protocol supper group on fetlife for both themselves and their submissive by names please. requests will be responded to as the Master and Mistress fill their table.

955 W. Taft Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32825

Dominants please click on the link at the top right of this page to request your place at the Master's Table - please list your name, the name of who will be serving you and your side dish item.

Our Next Protocol Supper November 5th, promptly at 4:pm
ENTREE: Turkey with herb dressing  

The pleasure of your company is requested on the FIRST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH for a Dinner of the Highest Protocol, at the table of Master Stephen and The Lady Kathryn here at The Ninth Circle. Membership is required.

Masters, Mistresses, Sirs and Ladies you will have an honored place at the Master’s table. You are required to bring with you a servant, submissive or slave of your choosing to attend your needs while you are a guest here at The Ninth Circle.

Honored Guests and their submissive are required to arrive on time – with their covered dish ready for the service table.

From 4: pm to 4:30 Honored guests will have appetizers in the cafe while submissive ready the dining table for us.

Foods Required:

Needed will be

  • Appetizers
  • Side Dish
  • Side Dish
  • Side Dish
  • Bread & Butter
  • Sodas
  • Desert
  • Desert

Honored guests at the Master’s Table should dress appropriately, leather is however a preferred form of dress for those who have earned it. For others at the table dress pants and shirt or the LBD. For those is service dress should be minimal, simple but yet in keeping with your household protocol’s The Masters protocol for the Ninth Circle would be nude.

Honored Guests should find their place card and stand at their chair until The Master welcomes them and offers a blessing over the gathering. When He and the Lady Kathryn sit, everyone may sit. It is then that the food service begins.

Order of Protocol:

  • The Master's Greeting and Blessing of the Table
  • Warm clothes for washing hands
  • The Menu Presentation and pick up
  • Beverage service
  • The Food presentation
  • Continued beverage and bread service
  • Clear table
  • Deserts and coffee – presentation
  • Clear table
  • Any Special Presentation or events
  • The Masters call to the end of the meal
  • Servers are welcome to join their Dominants on the floor but may be a part of the conversation.

NEW ADDRESS  - 955 W. Taft Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32824  – 407 413 1118

Arrival time: 4:p.m.

I hope to see more and more of our members take part in this important leather tradition.

Master Stephen and The Lady Kathryn