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10/26/2019 - An Important Message From

Master Stephen

First I want to thank everyone who sent me kind messages while I was in the hospital and recovering from my surgery. The Doctor says I should be fine as long as I don’t overdo it for a while. You would think he would know me better than that 😉 . Truth is, I do need to take better care of myself, watch my diet and my stress levels. Not being sure that is possible while running the Ninth Circle at the same time, we will be closing the doors to the Ninth Circle for the time being. Effective as of today the Ninth Circle is closed until further notice.

I would like to thank all of you who have supported the Ninth Circle and my vision for a True Leather Community here in Orlando. Your friendship and support have meant a great deal to me over these five years since we opened our doors.

We have endured many detractors and faults friends as well during that time, to them I can only say, Blessed Be! For even the faults hearted serve a purpose, in this case you have managed to affirm the need for me to keep going in one form or another.

Closing the Ninth Circle at this time does not mean Lady Kathryn nor I, will be fading away into oblivion. I intend to go back to my Leather roots with

A Leather House” Opening my House once again to true seekers of Old Guard Leather and all that it represents. A Community House and Training Center, A family of Leather Men and Women working and playing together with respect for the past, confidence in the presents and hope for the future. For more information please visit our website and feel free to messages me with any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing many of you as we continue to host HOUSE MEMBER EVENTS, Wicked Wednesday Men’s Nights, Lady Kathryn’s Thursday Female Dominance Nights, Saturday Member Play Nights as well as our Protocol Suppers and Monthly Open Play Parties for those seeking to visit “A Leather House”

Again; Thank You - I remain yours in Leather

Master Stephen

The Intention of The Ninth Circle...

A Private Membership Club

The Ninth Circle is a private membership club for those persons interested in expressing social nudism, including the expression of the Leather and fetish arts. The Ninth Circle is an association of persons for social, recreational and educational purpose which exists primarily to foster friendship and a common unity among its members and within the Leather Lifestyle.

Our Goals are:

A: To create a viable source for education and educational forums for our members.

B: To facilitate an active and open dialog among members concerning the growth of the leather community for all persons.

C: To create a network of communication for meeting and interacting with others of a like mind.

D: To assist in bringing about a structured protocol for safe meeting and interactions.

E: To establish a network within our community that will keep track of the growth of our leather community, as well as the potential growth of the leather community here in Orlando and Central Florida.

F: To preserve an archive of truth and integrity.

As of March 1, 2019 The Ninth Circle is please to offer a $5. reentry discount for all active college students and active military with valid and current ID.

Please be prepared to show your student or military ID along with your payment to receive the discount. The discount is available on all of our open play nights

Wednesday - all Male Clothing Optional Play Night 7p - last entry 10p close Midnight

Thursday - Pansexual - Female Dominant -Plus - 7p - last entry 10p close Midnight

Friday - Pansexual play night in the dungeon - 8p - last entry 11p close 2:a

Saturday - Pansexual play night in the dungeon - 8p - last entry 11p close 2:a

Master Stephen & The Lady Kathryn

Membership Information: Please click the button to the right and read all of our membership information. Membership forms are to be filled out at the reception window and you will be required to present a current photo ID along with your payment

First Friday of the month: FREE! - Yes I said FREE!

Check our NEW SCHEDULE at 

Leather Lifestyle 101, Tradition, Protocol and Community

hosted by Master Stephen

This is a class we suggest all new or prospective members take at least once. It is a relaxed and highly informative presentation. We cover terminology, possibilities and probabilities of the leather lifestyle. We do some demos and give you a hands on look at our staff and their personal toy bags and skill sets. It is also one of the only times you will get a full tour of The Ninth Circle Dungeon without full membership.

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