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Certificate Courses For 2019

Training in the Old Guard Traditions of Leather

Curriculum and Training by Master Stephen

Ninth Circle, Orlando's Leather Dungeon Community

Built On Integrity and the Inclusive Welcome of all Persons of leather.

955 W Taft Vineland Road, Orlando, Florida 32824

The common thread through all of our Certificate Courses for 2019 is the basic truth that personal of leather on either side of the dynamic are to be valued and respected as for their role within the greater community. That respect must first com from ourselves. The desire to be the best at who we are either submissive or Dominant we need to be the best we can be. Presenting ourselves as Leather Men or Women trained to be the best we can be.

This year’s courses present three unique opportunities - First for the submissive, a place many of you know to be your place in the Leather life. The submissive energy beats in your heart, it is also the place where traditional Leather men and women would begin their training. It is thought a good Dominant has spent some time become a good submissive.

Then the course for those call to the Dominant role, learning to reach that place where one is willing to exchange power with you because you can be trusted and have proven yourself to be a LeatherMan or Women of Integrity. One for whom Safe, Sane and Consensual are not hollow words.

Lastly this year we offer THE Dynamic Options, the true power exchange dynamic. The clear defining of roles and protocols. The contracting for a continued dynamic that allows for growth and personal empowerment.

Join us for one or all of this year’s courses. Take ownership for the Leather Path that you walk. Respect the path that so many have walked before you and share in the growth of the community we help to build for those to follow.

Each course runs 16 hours coving Friday evening, all day on Saturday and Sunday morning. Space is limited and reservations are required. Fee is posted with each course.

The Ninth Circle is a private membership club for those persons interested in expressing social nudism, including the expression of the Leather and fetish arts. The Ninth Circle is an association of persons for social, recreational and educational purpose which exists primarily to foster friendship and a common unity among its members and within the leather lifestyle.

Hosted by, Master Stephen and TheLadyKathryn. Visit our website for more information at

Or better still come visit us in person

The Ninth Circle is a true and welcoming PAN-SEXUAL Leather and Fetish Club.

We want to build up the community and the common unity of persons of leather. As such, we have a zero tolerance policy for hate and discrimination.

We realize that each man or woman has his or her own personal life path to walk, and we honor that journey. We ask that you honor the journey of others as well. Remember: the common path we walk is that of a PERSON OF LEATHER!

Master Stephen & The Lady Kathryn

Master Stephen

Leather is a way of life...not a fashion statement

Master Stephen is a Clinical PhD having worked for years with Adult men and their issues of sexual trauma and interpersonal relational issues.

He is a Dominant Gay Man who has been active in the lifestyle since his 20’s in New York. He is an Old Guard trainer. Back in his early days he spent over nine years with a Mentor of the Old Guard where he earned all of his leather including his Master's Cover.

He is also a professional photographer by desire (SPProductions). He has a wide variety of interests

As a Dominant Gay Man he find myself looking more and more at passing on the traditions of the Leather lifestyle to younger men and women. His personal knowledge and experience combined with his humor and skill make his a first class and highly regarded presenter. With age not only comes wisdom but confidence and the ability to share a lifetime of truth.

Master Stephen is also co-owner of the Ninth Circle Leather Community and Dungeon Space in Orlando, Florida. He is an advocate to gender equality and the rights of sexual freedoms



$25. discount for Ninth Circle Members.

Register with credit card before Jan. 1st and save $50.

First lesson, a submissive is not lesser than, rather a submissive has a role to itself and usually it is one that is felt to their very core. Submission and service take on many forms and a true submissive learns to take pride in all of the service he or she provides.

Friday: 7:p - 11p - Understanding the role of a true leather submissive. Being able to clarify in your knowing your hard limits. YOUR NEEDS AND WANTS and WHAT YOU ARE OFFERING

Saturday: 10:a - 6:p - learning the protocols and skills of a Leather submissive. From domestic service to personal service to the Master's day to day needs as well as establishing your role sexually with a Master. Learn non-verbal communication and the positions of submission. Learning to not lose your personal pride in stressful situations, insuring your Master's Pride.

Sunday: 10:a - 2:p - Individual hands on protocol tests. A final Q&A and the presentations of certificates.

* For the purpose of this text the words submissive and slave will be one in the same

Dominants Course

Date: March 8, 9 and 10th 2019 Fee: $ 200.

$25. discount for Ninth Circle Members.

Register with credit card before Jan. 15th and save $50.

It is the Old Guard tradition that all good Leather Dominats spend some time with a Mentor as a submissive. That being said I leave the choice up to the individual. Perspective doms taking this course please leave your ego at home.

Friday: 7:p - 11p - Understanding the role of a true leather Dominant. Being able to clireify in your knowing, your needs and wants and offerings. Your understanding of the role of a submissive.

Saturday: 10:a - 6:p - It takes more than a dungeon skill set to make a Leather Dominant. The ability to read your submissive. The ability to establish and maintain constructive protocols. Enjoying use of a submissive without abuse, and identifying the difference. Mind fucks, and the value of trust.

Learn to command your submissive through respect not fear; learn to use non-verbal communication skills with your submissive.

Sunday: 10:a - 2:p - Individual hands on protocol tests. A final Q&A and the presentations of certificates.

Dynamic Options

Date: May 10, 11 and 12th 2019 Fee: $ 200.

$25. discount for Ninth Circle Members.

Register with credit card before Feb. 1st and save $50.

Relational dynamics are difficult task in and of themselves, add to that the power exchange dynamic of a Leather dynamic and it takes a great deal of work and commitment, but when it works it is worth all of the effort.

Friday: 7:p - 11p - We start by looking at the need for HONEST communication and for the need to contract the needs and wants of individual dynamic. It is impossible to make a dynamic relationship work without clearly structured protocols and a clear contract.

Saturday: 10:a - 6:p - Now that we have a clearer understanding of who we are in our dynamic we begin to put the communications structure into place. Unlike the individual courses this one does include a look at dungeon skill sets as well as interpersonal strengths and limits of your dynamic. Adding some new and exciting possibilities to your current dynamic.

Individual dynamics Q&A's with Master Stephen.

Sunday: 10:a - 2:p - This morning each dynamic will present a brief example of what has made them a tighter Leather Dunamic this weekend.

Group Q&A and the presentation of certificates.

Space for each course is limited and reservations are required.

To make your reservation for a course you may visit the reception window at the Ninth Circle or contact Lady Kathryn at 407 413 1118 (no text please) reservations will only be made when confirmed with your credit card.

We look forward to sharing the Leather Life with you. Check each class for special discounts for Ninth Circle Members and for early booking.

Yours in Leather

Master Stephen and Lady Kathryn 

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