The Ninth Circle

Orlando's Leather Community

Built On Integrity and the Inclusive welcoming of all Persons of leather

955 W. Taft Vineland Road, suite F,  Orlando, Fl. 32824

We are a membership community for Education and Socialization within the Leather and Fetish lifestyle

Cafe 9:

The Ninth Circle offers a relaxing spot for members to sit and have a cup of coffee, meet new people and even negotiate a session. While Cafe 9 does require members to be dressed, it’s a good place to begin and end your evening. 

Since the Ninth Circle offers a limited number of lockers for it's members to use, you may want to bring along something to "cover up" with while you enjoy Cafe 9. The dress code dictates that cover ups will be discrete, Street Legal, allowing you not to get fully dressed, but still enjoy the amenities that are offered.

Coffee is always free in Cafe 9

Bottled Water, Soda, juices, chips and protein bars are always available for purchase at the reception window.

Cafe Menu: Items are $1. unless otherwise stated
- Bottled Water
- Pepsi
- Diet Pepsi
- Mountain Due
- Dr. Pepper
- Ginger Ale
- Apple Juice
- Assorted Cookies
- Assorted Chips
- Oat Bars
- Assorted Candy
- Pop Corn - microwave hot

- HOT COFFEE Is always free (most nights, when we remember to make it) in the Cafe

Please respect that only bottled water is allowed in the dungeon. No food or drink may be brought into the cafe or dungeon at any time without the Master Stephen or LadyKathryn's pre-approval.