The Ninth Circle

Orlando's Leather Community


An ever growing and ever changing community of like-minded people. People of all ages, orientations and lifestyle history.  The Following as some photo taken with permission that show you about some of who we at theNinthCircleOrlando.com are.
Check out the GOLD LINKS to the side to see some of our archived photos

Master Stephen & Lady Kathryn at the Cook Exchange Party

Master Stephen at the Christmas Eve Spiritual Service

Lady Kathryn's Birthday cake  and a picture of her giving Birthday spanks with a paddle made for her with  her special cut out "K" 

This should put an end to 2018 - 

Happy New Year see you all in 2019

Our Christmas Party 2018 - it was a great night with creative play and sexy people - I only wish more of you would join us in front of the camera.


Merry Christmas

November 10 2018 - 

A Day Of Education and Awareness 

at the Ninth Circle

12 Classes from 9am - 6pm followed by an amazing night in the dungeon.

A special thanks to all of our presentors who helped make our day of educationa and awareness possible

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Kinky  Holiday Market sale day here at the Ninth Circle 13 local vendors providing some great things for that hard to shop for kinkster

Setting up for Pride Day at Lake Eola and our Leather Pride Booths - it was a great day to meet lots of new people

The Ninth Circle's Wicked Witch - Lady Kathryn - you should have seen her camera shy flying monkey

We also has a well dressed skeleton and his zombie bride at our Halloween Party
RoseOfMystic was a camp fire - with flames - very HOT!

The 2018 Steampunk party as always on of our most playful and fun filled nights. 

pup charger getting his first tail from Master Stephen

Our BI PARTY or June 2018 


It was a blast!

Also putting our Mascot through his training 

June 9th 2018 The Ninth Circle celebrated it's anniversary with a Black and White Ball -  the following are just some of the friends and members who come out to play and to join in the celebration.  All photos were taken with permission. 

We are pleased that so many chose to come out and celebrate the Ninth Circle with us.  There were so many who just from the notice of our anniversary on Fetlife and other social media sent us their good wished - it all mean a lot in support of what we try so hard to accomplish here - Let The Circle Be Unbroken !

Every month we gather for one of the Ninth Circle's Protocol Suppers and we always enjoy the sense of community in our Leather Family - This June 3rd Supper was an especially proud day when we presented boots to two amazing women of Leather  Passiflora2010  and   irreverentsub  congratulations to you both.

May 25th 2018 -
The Ninth Circle's Memorial Day BIG PARTY -
The following are some of the photo taken with permission - including a needle play session to light up the flag 

I have been trying out some new toys for our upcoming Anniversary we always try to bring in something new for a new year.

First a men's milking machine - this is a time commitment for the submissive - the machine likes to see just how often it can make you cum

Then its our new Midevil RACK interrogation is so much easier - however the rack requires some instruction. 

April was our Easter Protocol supper and Our Spring Fling Shopping Day

It's Good to be king when you are Neptune of the kinky Sea

From our Disney Villains and Princesses - Princes too Party March 2018

Master Stephen's Birthday Celebration - it was a great night

A visit from Bernie the Bondage Bunny for the Master's Birthday

Master Stephen and Bernie we even got Lady Kathryn in the picture

Master Stephen's Birthday and a photo with Lady Kathryn

M1sT3RE and Bernie

roseofmystics and Bernie

2018 Leather and Learn Day for Men

Cyberpup mummified by Master Stephen and boybill 

2018 Leather and Learn Day for Men

Cyberpup after being mummified by Master Stephen and boybill 

Lady Kathryn with her Mask and beads from the Ninth Circle's Mardi Gras Party

Our  February Protocol supper table