The Ninth Circle

Orlando's Leather Community

An ever growing and ever changing community of like-minded people. People of all ages, orientations and lifestyle history.  The Following as some photo taken with permission that show you about some of who we at theNinthCircleOrlando.com are.

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Feb. 16th 2019 The Ninth Circle Community gathered to Celebrate Master Stephen 65th Birthday and it was a blast !

Seen Here with Lady Kathryn.

We found out that one is never to Old for SNOOPY since the balloons and the cake were both snoopy adorned in honor of the Master's like for snoopy. 

Master Stephen seen here with pup charger well into the party night when both were winding down.  

Master Stephen seen here with slaverobert  

Lady Kathryn and Her boy tom get the first photos of 2019 with this great session from the end of a Female Dominance PLUS night. 

After a good long session of impact play a subs body and skin are very sensitive so electro play and a violet wand can make even the strongest of men weak in the knees 

Master Stephen was not far behind with some tight bondage and some unique suspension.  His slave was strong and showed his enjoyment in serving his Master 

the anal hook used on a heavy rubber band connected to the winch made the bondage so much more interesting 😉