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Built On Integrity and the Inclusive Welcoming of all Persons of leather

Check the " A LEATHER HOUSE " website for a New Schedule

Saturday is part of our Pan-sexual weekends.

8p - 2a - no new entry after 12: am play continues till 2am

"Pan-sexual" meaning the safe, equal play and support of all members without regard for anyone's sexual orientations. As always, respect is part of our personal integrity.

Special Saturday event to look at:

Third Saturday of the month


If your birthday fall in whatever month we are in be sure to give your name and Birthday date to Lady Kathryn at the Reception Window and then come join our monthly Birthday party.

Cake at 11:pm for everyone. 

Big Party Events For 2019

BIG PARTY events are special theme parties held on the last Saturday of each month. While we hope everyone will join in the fun, the dungeon remains open to all players even if the party is not your thing. Prizes will be awarded to the couple who best represents the Party Theme in dress and play. 

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