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The Master’s Mentor Program

I entered into a life of Leather back in 1972 in New York. I was blessed to be mentored by a true Old Guard Leather Man with deep insight and personal integrity. He instilled this way of life in me, and in so many others. I was called to take over his house when we lost him to cancer in 1984. Now some 30 years later I still hold true to the traditions of my Mentor. I strive to pass knowledge and insight along to others with a true and serious desire to live a leather life, a life of personal integrity, dignity and a compassion and concern for others.

I further believe that life has changed since 1972; some for the better and some NOT SO MUCH! So, with that said, I recognize that there needs to be a current and relevant presentation of the traditions and values my Mentor taught me. For me that means looking at each person seeking mentoring and take into consideration their personal reality. It is not hard to teach the traditions and respect one need to hold for a mentor and for the lifestyle when you are living it!

The Master's Spartans

Spartans – Those men for whom there is no question of their service to their Master.

Starting as a numbered slave and when and if they prove themselves into the role of sir under the directions of the Master. This is a select and limited number of men who have proven themselves worthy of the Master’s time, trust and respect.

Master Stephen may approach a man about the Sparta Community and if he is interested he may request an interview with the Master. If you are a man 21 years of age or over, regardless of orientation, yet open to fully be in service to and bonding with other men. If this is you, then approach Master Stephen and request an interview into the Spartan Community. This is a community built on respect and a bond of trust between our brotherhood.

I know that there are female members of our community who may want to be a part of the Sparta community, and to them my apologies – this is a community I mentor in honor of my Mentor – it will remain all MALE.

Master Stephen

Earning Leather

Leather is a lifestyle of traditions and protocols , a reality where almost everything one wears has a meaning or makes a statement. The Leather lifestyle is NOT a fashion statement, however for many who practice S&M it means, "stand and model". The leather attire some people wear is often nothing more than " "Macho Drag".

Leather has meaning. Let's first start below with leather that is presented to a student by their Mentor often in conjunction with support from the local leather community. These presentations are done in front of the community with a strong sense of ritual. Below are the leather items that are to be presented by ones mentor, with an explanation as to when and why.

Boots: When a Mentor feels that one of their students is fully ready to commit to Walking The Path of a person of Leather, and when they are sure the student knows how to care for their leathers – Boots will be ceremoniously presented as the first step in ones journey in the Leather Community.

Pants/Belt: When a Mentor feels that a student has enveloped themselves in the lifestyle and is not just a 'casual player', and once the Mentor is convinced that their student is taking on responsibility within the Leather Community, while also exhibiting the qualities of integrity and respect will pants and a belt be presented. Often, these are presented in ceremony.

Vest: When a person of Leather is exhibiting the qualities of leadership without ego, and has begun teaching on a local and national level, will they be presented with their Vest. This presentation should be done with some gusto, since it is (for many persons of Leather) the final piece of leather they will earn.

Cover/cap: There are, of course, those rare individuals whose service and dedication to the truth and integrity of the community along with their concern for its members have distinguished themselves even among other community leaders. These individuals may be called by the community to be presented with their Master’s Cover or their submissive cap. The Presenting body, individual, club or organization that is presenting such an honor is responsible for insuring that the individual in question is indeed a valid candidate for covering/capping. Confidential discussions should take place among the current covers before presentation is approved and bestowed.

Wearing other leather: The leather listed above are PRESENTED LEATHER and hold a strong value and respect within the Leather Lifestyle. There is however any number of leather items that, while they hold a growing place in the leather wardrobe, is not restricted to presentation.

Remember however that color and placement often have a meaning.

Collars are often presented by a Dom to a submissive they are considering or have claimed. These collars take on many forms, but should generally hold a locked closure that is visible to others. This is making the statement that this submissive is NOT approachable without their Dom's approval.

You may also see a number of submissive wearing collars they have chosen to wear themselves. THESE SHOULD BE LEFT CLEARLY UNLOCKED, stating their openness to being approached.

Other Items of leather that are fine to wear without presentation:




Arm Bands - Left Side Dom / Right Side sub / Bothside Switch

Wrist Gauntlets


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