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    Check the " A LEATHER HOUSE " website for a New Female Dominance Plus schedule

Every Thursday:

7p - 11:30 - No entry after 10pm

$20 return members /$35 renewing members/ $40 for new members

Female Dominants - PLUS

Hosted by: TheLadyKathryn

Female Dominants plus a new twist on and old truth.

Much to my surprise women have very often been thought less of when they are women of dominance.

Just that fact that they are called "fem" doms, you don't hear men referred to as "he"doms. We are just dominant. As it should be regardless of ones gender.

We here at the Ninth Circle, since we have been open, have offered a welcoming home to these women of power through our Female Dominant nights. We have under the direction of TheLadyKathryn, begun to offer a PLUS to our now EVERY THURSDAY events - the plus is a chance for female empowered dominant to come and continue to learn their skills, build there community and find true acceptance of their role as dominants who happen to be women.

It is also a place for the male, and or female, submissive to find a respected place of acceptance where they too can grow in skill, service and community.

Every Thursday will be FemDom plus here at The Ninth Circle. Doors will open at 8pm and close at Midnight. Messages and questions may be sent on the Ninth Circle Female Dominance group. You are also welcome to message us here at TheNinthCircle.

Female Dominance Plus will also offer an educations forum and mentor support part of its community. Lady Kathryn is please to be supported by a multi generational team (watch for some photos soon) these amazing DOM's and strong Females bring a wide range of skill and insight to the community here at the Ninth Circle. We look forward to seeing both self aware women of integrity as well as the submissive men and women who respect them enough to serve them as true Doms.

If you want to be a "toy" to women who wants to demean her "toy", this is probably not the play for you.

If you are man enough to exchange power with

a dominant women who respects her play partners


Lady Kathryn's Night Of Feet

Next Foot Night - August 29th 2019

Back in October of 2017 The Lady Kathryn hosted her first Foot Night here at the Ninth Circle - to say the least it was GREAT! Because of the response and continued demand, Lady Kathryn has desided to set aside The FIFTH (5th) Thursday of the month - (any month that has 5 Thursdays), as a FOOT ONLY PLAY NIGHT.

Thursdays usually being a Fem-Dom Plus night - these foot only play night will not have any other fem-dom play except for foot play.

Be sure to let TheLadyKathryn know about your foot kink and your desire for play with a powerful dominant women

Lady Kathryn had a great time at Her night of feet

Everyone had a good time

Lady Kathryn is having fun working on one of her subs on a Female Dominant Plus night

Lady Kathryn and a little electro play

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