The Ninth Circle

Orlando's Leather Community

Built On Integrity and the Inclusive Welcoming of all Persons of leather

955 W. Taft Vineland Road, suite F, Orlando, Fl. 32824

We are a membership community for Education and Socialization 
within the Leather and Fetish lifestyle

TuesdayOur week begins on Tuesday. 

Second Tuesday of the month: 

The Ninth Circle 

Photo Night

The Ninth Circle does not generally allow photos to be taken in the dungeon! - So we have set aside this one night a month for a "PHOTO NIGHT"

Photo Night is done by appointment only - this means if you are seeking a photographer to take your photos be sure that he or she know that your are planning to be there and a time is set. 

Master Stephen is available as the "House Photographer" but appointments are still required.

Photographers coming in with a model(s) to shoot be sure to let us know.

Due to the number of people who sign up as attending here on fetlife and DO NOT attend - actual appointments are required by contact the Ninth Circle with a personal message at least 24 hrs prior the the Photo Night

This is an event open to Ninth Circle Members Only

$15 for returning members - $35 for renewing members and $40 For new members -8pm till 11pm - No play time on this night.

The 4th Tuesday of each month - Dominant / Submissive Forum(s)

Master Stephen will be moderating the Dominantes discussion forum 

in the dungeon from 7: - 8:30 

This is a chance for both new and long time members of the lifestyle to come together and talk openly about their roles as Dominants, Sir's or Masters. It is a time to talk about how we communicate our desires, how we interact with our submissives, other Doms and the community in general. 

will be moderating the submissive discussion forum
in the Ninth Circle Meeting room 7: - 8:30
is a well respected member of the community and we are pleased to have her skill and insight leading this group. Just as with the Dom's group it's about becoming more skilled and proud to be who you are in the lifestyle.