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Holiday Market - a vendors day for some kinky holiday shopping - November 3rd

Vendors for the Holiday Market

Leather floggers and Dragons Tails at there best

handmade items from Shalamar Moon Star and Pat

November 3rd 2018 - Holiday Maket

a Kinky Holiday Shopping Day

We are so pleased to have so many members and friends of the Ninth Circle that are creative and skilled craftpersons in the Kink trade !

Twice during the year we host day long kink shopping days - our Spring Fling and this our Holiday Market. We are always looking for skilled kinky craftspersons to vend for our sales days. Since it is important to offer only the best items to our friend we keep the cost to our vendors very LOW! - only $10 plus a donation for our house charity auctions. Active members of the Ninth Circle do not need to pay the $10 just make the charitable donation.

Vendor space is limited and reservations are required. Contact Lady Kathryn at the Ninth Circle to confirm a space for the Holiday Marketplace.

call at 407 413 1118 - or message Lady Kathryn on Fetlife -

The Holiday Market is open to the public from 1p to 5:30

vendors need to be fully set up by 12:45 - doors open for set up at 11:a

Some Other Great Vendors that will be with us

- Southeastern Whip Shop -

- Idle Hands, Creartive toys for the creative kinky plays

- AutumnDreamer - DreamerChainmail

- The Leather Butterfly

- Leather vest and harnesses 

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